Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning

If you’re staying at Hidden Valley during warm weather, especially if you’re from the greater Washington, D.C., area as we are, of course you want to stay in an air conditioned residence!

There are some units at the Summit, called the Vistas, that are built as an apartment house, with a shared entrance, hallways and elevators, that don’t have cross-ventilation.  They need air conditioning in warm weather, and they have it.

However, 5112 is not in a large apartment building.  You have your own private entrance, and our unit is on the end, so there are windows on three sides.  At the Summit the altitude is over 3400 feet, so the temperatures in summer are about 15 degrees cooler than Washington, D.C!

Another great feature at the Summit is the constant breeze at the top of the mountain, so you can open windows on two sides (or three sides!) and enjoy a great breeze.

We enjoy staying at Hidden Valley in warm weather with the windows open, a nice cool breeze, and listening to the songs of the birds when we wake up in the morning, that you won’t hear if all the windows are closed and you’re running air conditioning.