Hidden Valley Skiing

Hidden Valley Skiing

Skiing is how we first came to know Hidden Valley, and that may be how you learned of the resort also.  Hidden Valley skiing is great fun for the whole family! At Hidden Valley, you can have a great time on easy slopes or on more challenging slopes.  There is enough variety that you’re not doing the same thing all the time.  And the whole family can enjoy it.

From our residence, the nearest trail is about 50 feet away. That’s the Crossover trail that connects the two sides of the mountain; it’s #13 on the trail map.  So you can just set out on your skis in the morning, ski to the bottom on either side and buy a lift ticket, and then end your day at the Summit and ski back to our place.  It’s even practical to have a home-cooked lunch if you prefer that to one of the restaurants at the base or in the area.  If you’re inclined to eat our, we have some restaurant recommendations for you.

The Hidden Valley Ski School has a great program for little ones.  Our friends have brought children as young as five who have done well in the program.  There is organized play, and each student gets a one-on-one lesson with a ski instructor some time during the day.  There’s a great Magic Carpet lift that even the little ones can use with success, and a long bunny slope for them to learn on.

Hidden Valley Ski School children's program
Hidden Valley Ski School children’s program

We like skiing at Hidden Valley because the bar and the drinking scene are much less prominent than at the other neighborhood ski area, Seven Springs.  Although anything can happen, we haven’t seen people mixing drinking and skiing at Hidden Valley.  It’s the sort of place where we were comfortable letting our teenager and pre-teenager ski on her own.

Because of our access to the Crossover Trail, there’s convenient access to both major areas of Hidden Valley skiing, the Valley Side and the North Side ski areas.  The North Side offers more challenging skiing, and since it’s not near the lodge, it’s often less crowded.  The Valley Side has greater variety of slopes, and of course it’s close to the Lodge and a greater variety of services.

The Buncher Organization installed a lot of snowmaking at Hidden Valley, so when the resort is open they’ll have good snow if it’s at all possible to have good snow.

You’re sure to enjoy Hidden Valley skiing!