Location, Location, Location

We’ve all heard the old story about real estate that the most important three factors are location, location and location! We think that it’s doubly true for a resort home.  Especially when skiing is involved, because walking in ski boots while carrying skis and poles is hard, especially when you’re walking through deep drifting snow!

In the winter, when there’s skiing, if you are close to ski trails, you can just put on your skis, ski to the lodge if you need to buy a ticket, and then come back to your residence any time you want. You don’t have to drive at all. If you’re not close to the slopes, then you have to drive. Of course, you can’t drive in ski boots, so you after you arrive you have to put on your boots. Where? In your car?  Have you ever changed your shoes in your car?  It’s not fun.  Then you trudge through the parking lot to the lodge, just like a day skier. What’s the advantage of staying at the resort if you can’t reach the ski trails easily?

We are located about a hundred feet from the Crossover Trail, that connects the Valley Side and the North Side ski areas. So from our place you can go either way and you can quickly reach all the trails on the mountain. Most of the easier slopes are on the Valley Side, and the more advanced slopes are on the North Side. You can ski down either direction and buy a lift ticket at the bottom.

Take a look at the Hidden Valley map; the red arrow shows just where our place is located. The two shite areas on each side of it are the two sides of skiing at Hidden Valley.

But what about warm weather? We’re perhaps a three-minute drive from the golf club, where you can play on one of Pennylvania’s best and most beautiful golf courses. It’s really s special course, that winds through the woods around the mountain. You can see it on the map also.  The golf club is also a great place to go for a simple, delicious lunch or dinner.  Yes, you can walk there from our place.