What To Bring

What To Bring

The condo is well equipped, but there are still a few things you’ll probably want to bring.


You’ll have plenty of towels and washcloths, so you don’t need to brng them. And if you need more just call the property manager.

Bed Linens

There are plenty of bed linens and pillows, no need to bring them.


You’ll get enough dishwashing detergent for a few washes, but if you’ll be there for more than a day or two you’ll want to bring along some diswasher detergent. In addition, you’ll want to bring along some liquid dishwashing liquid.


There’s a washer and dryer, so bring along your laundry detergent if you plan to do any laundry and fabric softener if you use it.


Bring matches and bring some fire-starters. The firewood, though covered with a roof, can be a little damp. But it will start just fine if you use one of the fire-starters made of sawdust soaked in paraffin that you can buy at the supermarket.  The secret to sustaining a fire with slightly damp wood is to use a little  more  wood on the fire than you would usually. We usually have 3 pieces on the fire at home, and 4 or 5 at Hidden Valley.

Salt and Pepper, Sugar

Salt and pepper are provided, as is a sugar bowl with packets of sugar and sweetener. There’s enough sugar for coffees but not enough for baking.

Kitchen Appliances

The kitchen has a drip coffeemaker with filters, a blender, a toaster and a microwave. Of course, there’s a full-size stove, refrigerator and dishwasher. And a good selection of knives, tableware, plates and glasses, pots and pans. We cook there without bringing any extra equipment.